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Master Data Governance

Master Data in recent years become a focus point of the IT industry in large corporate companies, a surprisingly low number of companies actually implement and follow proper Master Data Governance. Different Master Data cleansing projects are often executed and no or little master data management practices are instituted to keep the data clean. Consulting in Master Data Governance is therefore about the creation of a corporate culture in which the importance and goals of Master Data Governance is well defined and understood, and therefore practiced in a goal orientated manner.

ERP Implementations

A Master Data cleansing as well as the introduction of Master Data Governance project is often done when implementing a new ERP. Standard ERP implementation programs only migrate current data, and the cleansing processes that are applied only focuses on removing obsolete data and obvious duplicates.

The methodology incorporates the harmonization and enrichment of the data so that the maximum benefit can be derived from a very expensive ERP implementation project. Best results are obtained when consultants form part of the implementation team and are responsible for all Master Data migration, harmonization and enrichment.  GOAGS has performed many projects for different ERP's such as SAP, Oracle, IFMS, Maximo etc.

Consultants are supported by our specialist data cleansing and parsing tools and our various multi lingual content refineries that specialize in the harmonizing, cataloguing, classification and enriching data.

Material Masters and Procurement and Stock Management

Standard ERP's do not have functions for Master Data management. They are designed to use the Master Data, but not to create quality Master Data and the control of data entry. Unless a company has implemented a Master Data governance system during the original implementation of the ERP, then it can almost be guaranteed that the master data will be contaminated within a few years after go-live of the ERP. Therefore, a large number of projects are for existing ERP's, like SAP, Oracle and Maximo, to clean the existing Material Masters, Vendors, and to improve the Plant Maintenance Master Data. The fact is the ERP cannot perform better than allowed by the Master Data.

B2B & e-Commerce

B2B platforms and e-commerce require a different focus on the management of the material masters. An integrated data approach between the e-commerce platform and the company's ERP is required for an effective solution. With international experience in this field a superior solution integrated with Master Data Governance can be achieved.

Plant Maintenance

This vital area for major savings and production improvement is often neglected from a Master Data perspective. For cost effective plant maintenance, and the reduction of plant downtime, an integrated approach between plant maintenance and procurement should be implemented through standardized master data methodology and governance. This covers all aspects such as Plant Hierarchies / Functional Location Hierarchies, Equipment, Bills of Materials and Standard Tasks and Material Masters.

Construction of New Plants and Plant Extensions

Major savings can be achieved if the Master Data creation for a new plant or an extension of an existing plant is done correctly. The methodology is based on leveraging the existing Material Master to avoid the unnecessary procurement of maintenance spares for the new plant. A massive ROI (return on investment) of more than 10 times the project costs can normally be achieved.


Material Masters are also the basis for manufacturing, as all components for the manufacturing process have to be procured. Obviously the focus and objectives are different to that of the purchasing of spares for plant maintenance. Understanding this and how to manage the Master Data for manufacturing is vital to success.


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